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Proptix Medical  specializes in many areas of ophthalmic equipment repair, including maintenance and ophthalmic equipment repair. We provide our services to the full range of eye practitioners (opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists).Whether you’re giving routine yearly eye exams, diagnosing eye conditions, performing advanced eye surgeries, or even just fitting someone for eyeglasses, we’ve got you covered. Our trained, highly experienced professionals will take care of all your ophthalmic equipment repairs. Our services can help to support the advanced eyecare mechanisms of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians in their daily operations.  

In addition to these instruments, we also provide full lane service on exam chairs, stand arms, and related equipment which usually are used for an eye exam. The cleaning and general maintenance we perform on your equipment includes the disassembly and cleaning of any necessary optics as well as adjusting and calibrating dials and controls. We will also lubricate any moving mechanisms or bearings and, depending on the nature of your equipment, perform any other important procedures. 

We service and repair many manufacturers, including, Topcon, Kowa, Haag-Streit, Nidek,  Reichert, Heidelberg and others.

Through our ophthalmic equipment repair services, we guarantee a quick turnaround time from when you first request our services, to when we fix and return your equipment. To show how confident we are in our repair services, we offer you a warranty on our workmanship. 

Types of ophthalmic equipment we typically service includes, but is not limited to: 

We offer a free diagnostic-assessment for our clients. We can provide free pick up and delivery of equipment for our clients who are located within radius 6 Kilometer from our office.

To learn more about the repair services we can provide for you and your ophthalmic practice, contact us.

Haag streit BM 900 Slitlamp


Proptix Medical offers complete overhaul services and cleaning for the most models of Manual Phoroptor -Manual Refractor , please call for special rate.


Tonometer is used to measure Intra Ocular pressure (IOP) in millimetres of mercury (mmHg)

Pachymeter is a medical equipment used to measure the thickness of the cornea. Pachymeter is useful to monitoring patients suspected of developing glaucoma

A Lensmeter or Lensometer is an ophthalmic equipment which is mainly used by Optometrists and Opticians to verify the correct prescription eyeglasses to properly orient

Proptix - Retinoscope-Ophthalmoscope

Retinoscope and Ophthalmoscope are two diagnostic hand held devices.

The most important feature of a Retinoscope is to observe the reflection (reflex) of the patient’s retina. While moving the streak or spot of light across the pupil the examiner observes the reflection movement.

Dirty front lens is the most common problem in all Non-Contact Tonometer which it can easily check and clean by operator.

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