Applanation Tonometer

Tonometer is used to measure Intra Ocular pressure (IOP) in millimetres of mercury(mmHg). It makes the ideal instrument for patients with mobility difficulties, who are not comfortable to sit at slit lamp table. Tonometery is an important test in the evaluation of patients with Glaucoma.

Intermittent light is one of the most popular problem in all hand held Tonometer like perkins MK2, or Kowa Tonometer. One of the problems which make intermittent light in Tonometer is bad or loose connection in battery handle. If this problem wasn’t solved by by replacing the Tonometer battery handle you should send your tonometer for complete repair and overhaul by our experienced service team.

In Proptix Medical, we offer complete overhaul service, maintenance, and repair all kind of Tonometer which made by well known manufacturer but not limited to : Haag Streit, Kowa, Reichert, iCare. 

  • Perkins Tonometer
  • Kowa Tonometer
  • Reichert Tonopen Avia
  • Reichert Tonopen XL
  • Slitlamp Applanation

Perkins Tonometer

The Perkins is used for over 25 years for measuring eye pressure as a world standard for hand held applanation tonometers. Based on Goldmann principles and utilizing the original Goldmann standard or Tonosafe disposable prisms, the Perkins tonometer (Clement Clark) combines proven technology with the flexibility of a hand held instrument. The calibration of Every Perkins Tonometer is to the highest level of quality standards.


  • Brilliant visibility
  • Portable
  • Versatile and Accurate
  • Adjustable head rest

Reichert Tonopen Avia-Tonopen XL

Tono-pen Avia or Tono-pen XL may have a reading difficulty, erratic reading  or showing “BAD” during calibration. This kind of error usually occur whenever transducer tip is dirty and requires general cleaning repair service or complete overhaul repair. For more information regarding this kind of error or any other problem please call us for getting cleaning instruction. In proptix medical, we professionally overhaul, clean, calibrate, and repair all models of Tonopen . For more information and our special rate please contact us.

Slitlamp Applanation

The Goldmann applanation tonometer measures the amount of pressure to flatten corneal area of 3.06mm diameter. At 3.06mm Diameter the force between the Tonometer head and the liquid on the Corneal would counterbalance the resistance of the cornea to flattening. The IOP (in mm Hg) is the flattening force (in grams) multiplied by 10. Fluorescein drop would be used on the patient’s eye to highlight the tear film. A split-image prism would divide the image of the tear meniscus into a superior and an inferior arc. The intraocular pressure is taken when these arcs are aligned so that their inner margins just touch.

Kowa Tonometer

Kowa HA-2 tonometer  comes in a small carrying case which make it the perfect partner for Ophthalmologists, and Optometrists where you need the reliability of a Goldmann type applanation system.


  • Compact, light-weight and well balanced
  • Unique one spring design
  • Built-in illumination
  • Adjustable head rest
  • Interchangeable eyepiece

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