Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Binocular Indirect ophthalmoscope (BIO) is used to examine the interior structure of the eye, the same way as hand held ophthalmoscope does. The only different is with BIO(indirect ophthalmoscope), the Ophthalmologists and Optometrists wears it on his/her head, so this allows the doctor to have both hand free to examine the eyes.

In addition of Preventative Maintenance, we offer complete overhaul, and repair all kind of Indirect Ophthalmoscope which made by well known manufacturer across Canada. Our technicians are professionally trained and working on a different model but not limited to Heine(Omega 500, Omega 200 and 180, sigma 150) , Keeler BIOs (Vantage plus, ALL Pupil ) and Welch Allyn BIOs.

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Heine BIOs

Omega 500

The Heine Omega 500 with mPack Unplugged rechargeable battery is highly comfortable and lightest cable-free system on the market. The Heine OMEGA 500 has been modified for even better views of the fundus. Heine Omega 500 with multi-coated illumination system, and a new XHL Xenon Halogen Technology bulb reduces corneal reflexes and ensures clear, high-resolution images of the fundus.

Keeler BIOs

Vantage Plus Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The keeler Vantage Plus with the unique intelligent optics(IOS) gives  you lighter weight and brighter images. With Intelligent Optical Systems (IOS) the optics and mirrors automatically adjust for you by changing the aperture, without the need to flip another lever.

Welch Allyn BIOs

Welch Allyn BIO has light weight, and comfortable fit for stability. With its optical system doctor can get precise positioning of components.

  • It is equipped with halogen bulb which is the brightest, and most long-lasting  lamps.
  • The optical and mirror assemblies are sealed against dust and dirt.
  • The leather pad headband allows doctors to have comfort and control for simple operation.

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