LED Chart Projector

Chart projector, one of the ophthalmic examination equipment. It is included a rotatable chart carrying disc and a mask plate which are co-axial with each other. Chart projector comes in three different types (manual, automated, and LCD).

Reichert longlife (POC) Manual Projector


  • Variable focus objective
  • Halogen Bulb
  • Choice of mounting

Automated Chart Projector


  • Brighter and clearer chart display
  • LED or Halogen bulb
  • Optical zoom for a variable room distance
  • Easy focus adjustment 

SH-200 LED Vision Projector


  • 22″ HD LED  Acuity Vision chart
  • Maintenance Free
  • Single remote control
  • Adaptoable to room between 6 to 22 feets
  • multiple languages

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