Lensmeter or Lensometer is an ophthalmic equipment which is mainly used by Optometrists and Opticians to verify the correct prescription eyeglasses to properly orient and mark uncut lenses, power of contact lenses, and to confirm the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames. The lensmeter is also used to check the accuracy of progressive lenses. Lensometers can determine the focal length and axis of any ophthalmic lens, multi-focal or progressive lens.

It is recommended that in order to keep your lensometer in a perfect working condition,  every 12 to 15 months have the instrument to be overhauled and calibrated. In every repair by our professional technicians, we check your lensometer Axis, target movement, dotting mechanism, collective lens, power read out, and we make sure the lenses are free of dust or any debris.

In Proptix Medical, we offer complete overhaul service, maintenance, and repair all kind of Auto and Manual Lensmeter which made by well known manufacturer but not limited to : Nidek, Marco, Shin-Nippon, Vision star. 

  • Marco 101
  • Shin-Nippon LM 15 and LM 25D
  • Auto lensmeter

Marco 101 Lensmeter

The Marco Lensometer is well suited for measuring soft and hard contact lenses as well as conventional spectacle lenses. The Marco Lensometer comes in 101 and 201 model.The Lensometer Marco 101 is a compact deluxe model which can be tilted a full 90-degree. Marco 101 makes you easy to measure the contact lenses when used in the vertical position.


  • Hard or Soft contact lenses
  • American style target
  • 120V 25W Bulb
  • Full 90 degree inclination
  • Power range +/- 25D

Shin-Nippon Lensmeter

The Shin Nippon Lensometer is a solid lensometer that can fit into any office or lab. Constructed to last, the LM-25 provides old fashioned value.


  • Unrestricted tilting angle
  • Full 90 degree tilting for easy measurement
  • Uses bold cross line target
  • 115v 15W Bulb

Auto Lensmeter

The lensmeter (Manual or Auto) measure the power of the in prescription eyeglass also it determines the Cylinder, Axis, Sphere, Prism, and Distance between each center of the lenses. By using a Lensometer operator can install the lenses into the frame correctly and accurately. Using the Auto lensmeter is very important especially when the patient does not have the prescription or does not know the power of the lenses in his /her eye glasses.

The different between the manual Lensmeter and Auto Lensmeter is that in the Auto lensmeter there is no user Error.

CSO Lensmeter

The CSO Lensmeter offers accurate measurments for reliable performances during years. In CSO lensmeter Bi-level illumination allows measurment of clear to highly absorptive lenses under any roon light conditions.


  • LED illuminatio
  • Ultra precise lens measurment
  • Locates axis and prism base

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