Non-Contact Tonometer

Myopia or Hyperopia are the result of refractive error that are common problem with eye. Autorefractor is the instrument to measure the degree of that kind of error in the eye, and it works well for pre-and-post refractive surgery patients’ assessment. The patient focuses their vision on a fixation target such as a hot-air balloon in sky. Like many ophthalmology devices, they have spherical and cylindrical measurement ranges of -30 to +25D/±10D. As the line between autorefractor and keratometer is often blurred, the user should know that the autorefraction and keratometry have separate measurement range.

The Proptix Medical regular preventive maintenance program with professionally trained technicians keeps your Autorefractometer in perfect working condition and allows you to achieve excellent optical performance. In addition of PM, we offer complete overhaul service, maintenance, and repair of different Autorefractometer and keratometer which made by well known manufacturer like Nidek, Rigton- Vision Star across Canada.

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Reichert NT

AT-550/555 Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT) without any chin-rest, joystick and elevation controls is one of the user friendly instruments. By pressing only one button the operator can activate the IOP measurement process in AT550/555 non-contact tonometer. The AT555 makes the entire IOP measurement process an extremely comfortable and non-intimidating experience for patients. The first time operators can learn how to perform an effective, efficient and accurate measurement in minutes with the icon-based operating system.

Nidek NT

Nidek Non-Contact Tonometer instrument is easy to use with automatic alignment and measurement. The auto-tracking function allows the tonometer operator to instantly align and focus patient while the auto-measurement function automatically takes tonometry measurements after proper alignment. The advanced air puff pulse control produces minimum necessary air pressure for improved patient comfort. Each pulse of air is monitored and adjusted according to IOP measurements for increased accuracy.

Visionstar NT

NCT-100 is a non contact tonometer, using  air puff to measure eye pressure (IOP). This pulse air tonometer is accurate, easy and fast to use. 

Non-contact measurement will reduce accidental injuries or infections on eyes.

NCT-100 utilizes image control and feature recognition for auto tracking with reliable measurement result.

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