Slit lamp works almost like a Microscope except the slit lamp has a high-intensity light source which the light beam is changeable from a thick to a tiny beam.

The slit lamp is used to examine the eyelids, sclera, cornea, iris, and conjunctiva.

There are two designs or style of slit lamp (tall and short style). The tall one is known by Haag style and the short one is known by Ziess style. Most common problem we are seeing in slit lamp is with power source , blurry vision, and slit close by itself which we verified all this aspect during our annual maintenance.

At Proptix Medical, we offer the annual maintenance and service of all kind of slitlamp. We supply parts and bulbs for all models such as, Haag streit BM 900, Haag streit 900, Zeiss slitlamp , Nikon slitlamp, and …

Haag Streit Slitlamp

Zeiss Slitlamp

Visionstar Slitlamp

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