Nidek RT-3100 Auto Refractor

The New RT-3100 represents a Compact Size & Lightening Fast and accurate Examinations. The RT-3100 simplifies the use of auto examinations with easy operation and accurate results for the operator. The built-in Eye Care card system, printer and simple software updates, support the examination practice. Also it would connect to EMR (Electric Medical Record) and easily with a touch of a button it compares the data between auto lens meter / auto refractometer. The 5.7-inch Colour LCD and its touch panel can display the necessarily information. By pressing the icons on the touch panel, the operator can select the VA charts and the near point lamp.


  • Smooth, and very low click sounds of changing lens for faster examinations
  • R / L independent PD adjustment for improved precision
  • Built-in clear and safe white LED illumination
  • High quality of near point card

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